R.M.G.- Welcome To The Family

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Tracklisting for R.M.G’s debut album ‘Welcome To The Family’ out March 27, 2012 on Reflection Music Group.

Listen to samples of the album here.

1. Intro
2. That’s Why I Get It
3. Break Bread
4. Get Money
5. Somebody to Love (feat. Tiffany Michelle)
6. I Guess You Was Right (feat. ZG)
7. The Cross
8. Paparazzi (feat. eYe-Q)
9. Does Not Compute
10. Grain In the Sand
11. Have It all (feat. Natalie Villa)
12. Starstruck (feat. ZG)
13. Take It All Away (feat. Tiya)
14. Geeked Up
15. New One
16. One Time


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