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  • It is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis!!  (Once any beat has been purchased, EVERYONE will be notified of THAT particular beat was sold via text message)
  • If its a track that you hear, and you like? You better get it. Because once its gone, its gone.
  • You will have exclusive rights to the track that you purchase. (Meaning no one else will have the track you purchase, & you will be able to go to radios, etc.)
  • You Will receive an immediate MP3 (w/o tags) of the beat you purchased in your email after you purchase it. Track outs will take a little longer since I will have to track out the entire beat
  • There will be ALL sorts of styles/ genres of beats. So, you have a variety to choose from.


  • The method of payment to purchase ALL beats will be through www.PayPal.com (You will have to have a PayPal account. If you dont have one, just go and sign up for one asap. IT IS FREE. THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!! Because when you go to purchase a beat PayPal will ask you for your username & Password, So Will have to register & have a credit/debit card on file. If your not familiar with PayPal, and how it works, how you have to Need to go look it up


Thank You Again for participating in this RARE Beat Sale!!! Lets Make Great Music!!!

                                                        -Black Knight

Beat Tape Sale


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